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The No.1 question people ask me at Wedding Fairs or events, "Why Aunty Banty's Bakery? You don't look like an Aunty." I think people expect the face behind the business to be a little old Indian lady (basically the Indian version of Aunt Bessie) but instead they're greeted by me, a 6ft, 30-something woman.


So here's the reason, this beautiful bunch of kiddo's - my niece & nephews. The Big One, he's my mini CEO and the brains behind the name. I've been baking since he was a baby and as he got older, he'd always ask his parents to take him to Aunty Banty's Bakery (Banty being my childhood nickname - I have my brother to thank for that one).


Fast forward 8 years to when I decided to bite the bullet and start my business, it was a no brainer, I had to call it 'Aunty Banty's Bakery'.

...and that's my story. Thank you for reading :)


Suky aka Aunty Banty :)

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