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Cake Pop

Acrylic Stand.jpg

If you're looking for something unique for your wedding cake, how about a 6 tiered acrylic stand holding tiers of decadent cake pop balls, topped off with a 4" cake tier.  


Customise the colour and design or keep the cake exactly as you see here.  For a quote or further information please contact me using the contact form below.  

Cake Descriptions;


Bottom 5 tiers hold 100 cake pop balls with a 4” cake placed on the top tier.  


Cake stands at 65 cms (25.5”) and serves 104 guests.


If you would like a quote for a specific quantity then please get in touch.  

Favour or Dessert Table Suggestions

White Floral Pops Image 2 with Logo LR.jpg
White florals Favour Pops Image 2 with LOGO LR.jpg
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